alert! be aware of yourselves





Allah has mentioned the trait of hypocrites in quran that they (hypocrites) do agree with half( ISLAM) but deny the half. Hypocrites among Muslims always look for the better in islam for them and abandon the bitter for them. Few days back I accompanied one of my friend to JK BANK budgam. He had to clear some cheque and while he was busy with the lady on the counter, I was checking out surroundings. This is the only government establishment with so nice interiors and such a comfort for public. The explicit( not beautiful though) looking bankers were deep into their business with some fake smile on faces. I have always wondered about the passion of women working in bank, working with so dedication so as to earn some money. But the thing I never got is the logic behind wasting the money for all those L’Oreal POP , dark shade lipsticks and other white cement in market these days. I think its part of their investment business or something. Anyways I dropped the idea of research and my attention was frozen on some pamphlet sticked outside the loan section. Out of curiosity I got near it and began to read it. It took in surprise and I was speechless. It was actually a hadith of bukhari shareef , from book of loans quoting prophet Muhammad (SAW) “ indeed the best of you are those who pay their debts well”.  the people doing the un-Islamic business are trying to invoke(exploit) the Islam for their business. They have no guts to hang a hoarding about RIBAA(interest) in Islam but do exploit the hadith for Islam. There is a full creed among us who are exploiting Islam for their own good by quoting the verses out of context. So are there facilitators provided by the Devil. Tariq Fatah , a Pakistani man claiming to be some Islamic scholar, hosting a show on Indian NEWS channel proves that Ribaa has been wrongly translated from Arabic as interest. It is something else so interest business is not what Islam prohibits but he fails to translate what actually ribaa means. Those Muslims who are deep into interest business and somehow find it difficult to leave it, do endorse his views because it suits their tamper. Music is haram, it is a thing on which the truthful scholars (ulema haq) have agreed for 1400 years on the basis of hadith. Then there comes a man called ghamdhi, who says vocal music is allowed in Islam and there is little difference between vocal and instrumental music in terms of pitch and wavelength and frequency. So how can instrumental music be forbidden when vocal is not forbidden in Islam. Despite a hadith of prophet (saw) forbidding the same. The armed struggles by Muslims around the world for Islamic rule, promised by the prophecies of Muhammad (saw), have been the headache for the global imperialists. Islamic rule means the extinction of their rule and they do fight the wars to protect their legacy. The wars are sort of armed, psychological, intellectual and economical. Muslims are indeed weak to counter them but few among us are weakest and they just want to give it up but with dignity. While as ghamdhi and wahidudin khan provide them a way for dignified exit. They all do is reject the concept of khilafat and ummah.  If these two things don’t exist , then why to fight for any Islamic rule. Allah says follow Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and you wont go astray. Still people like Wahuidudin khan , Ghamdhi, Fateh , Gulan, QAIDAINI and all such people manage to get attention from Muslims.  If we people go on their explanations, they are simply weird and illogical. Then why still we go astray?  The thing is there is hypocrisy among us. We believe in things which look good to us and we avoid the harsh looking things. Wahidudin khan, ghamadhi and all others are just our excuses. They are just the tunnels we need as escape routes from Islam.Who are we fooling by making such foolish excuses.? ALLAH………. Certainly not. Indeed he is the one who knows our intentions.


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