my opinion about ISIS

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My opinion on ISIS

A friend of mine asked me about my opinion regarding the ISIS. I replied him that my opinion is little bit reserved. He was simply in disagreement with me and somehow I even didn’t tried to argue with him. My reserved opinion can be very rare but I got some brain teasing logics behind that. When the America had the fake rage after 9/11 and they bombed the Afghanistan for nothing. Taliban emerged as a ray of hope among the downtrodden and oppressed muslims. Despite being poor equipped they didn’t let America go easy on them. In the mean time America went to another crusade in Iraq. Poor Iraqis also tried to follow the steps of Taliban to show some stiffness to American invasion. But the difference between the two wars was that topography favoured Taliban and Taliban had no shia like weakness among them. America had the favor of the majority of shia Muslims in Iraq and that costed the Iraqi sunnis heavily. The resistance from sunni Iraqi invited the wrath of American atrocities on them. In alone Iraq war the loss of lives mounted up to million in some brief time. Rapes, detention camp crimes of abu garib and gitmo, mass murders was the alarm of rising danger. poor shias had no idea what they have been doing. They over celebrated the joy of saddam hussain,s end and didn’t realized they have transgressed with American support. The problem with shia islam is their scholars, who made the fake belief among them and that is “ to hate those who hate ahlul bayat( which they alledged the sunnis to be)” . meanwhile America wasn’t going to survive in Iraq for ever, because it was costing them lives and dollars so they left the Iraq at its mercy. Now it was sunni versus shia. Meanwhile the Iraqi sunni militia tried to control the power of Iraq, which as per them was the lost belonged to them. Iraq was in mayhem and the Iraqi sunni group made a strange war tactic of beheading and other things, which sent the shiver in the nerves of Iraqi American established army. They abandoned the posts and fled for their life. That very war tactic was useful as it caused the least possible causalities. if it had not been so, Iraqi shia army might have tried to resist them which would have resulted into the much more causalities. Meanwhile on other side across the border was Syria, and Syria had been going through a bloody civil war . ASSAD and alawities had used the every possible inhumane tactic to suppress the Syrian civil war. Be it raping the teen girls in a masjid with microphone meant for azaan, near her mouth , so as her screams and moans could reach as far as possible in order to create fear among the resistance or dragging the old scholars into streets by their beards. The alawatis were really bad in war and as I said the fake faith of shia muslims led to such destruction of ummah. Rapes and all these tactics piled up the anger not fear among Syrians. They saw a hope across the border in Iraq to end the atrocities on them. The two nationalities joined so as to make one sunni ummah . that was the point which caught the attention of globe. If these two had been fighting as two nations, nobody would have bothered about them , but the demarcation and abolishing of the borders across Syria and Iraq was the turning point in global politics. This caught the attention of both distressful muslims, insearch of hope and all the anti muslim energies.

What is such a thing in the border demarcation? That was seen as the death of nationalism. Arab nationalism was achieved after innumerous efforts Europe and America. It costed them a lot , they abolished the khilafat for that. They supplied the arms and army to alawatti Syrian army, jamal naseers Egyptian army, the Jordanian king, the sauds, saddam hussain, Kuwaitis. And the Toyota army was challenging all that effort by ending the arab borders. This is also to be seen through another important aspect of prophecies of prophet Muhammad (saw) regarding the last war known as “malamat ul uzma” . the land of Syria has important significance in that. The concentration of jews in Israel, and all those prophecies had close link with the developments in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile the new territory was named as Islamic state of Iraq and levant by the Islamic militants and then changed to Islamic state of Iraq and sham after demarcation of borders within Iraq and sham. The eight hadiths about the end times and the emergence of ISIS, was the main cause of attraction for islamists across the world towards the ISIS. The English lectures of sheikh anwar awlawki which he had delivered before emergence of ISIS proved as boost for the popularity of ISIS among western muslims. Muslims across the globe took them as the army of MEHDI (as) and the dream of re-establishing khilafah was seen to becoming true.

Why the world gone nuts for ISIS?

Democracy and capitalism are synonymous for lots of reasons. After democracy was able to finish the communism in 90’s( most people thought it was capitalism vs communism) , the new challenge emerged infront of world was Taliban as established government. The doctrines of the law was as per islam and that was appealing the world. If Taliban had survived few more years, Afghanistan might have been now at different heights of peace and justice and that would have attracted the free thinkers across the world. That’s why Taliban was anticipated within the few years of its establishment. After a robust war of 10 years and the mess in Middle East, America wasn’t ready for such sudden development in Middle East. After the bashing of Bush and tony Blair for their war mongering habits by their own people, a new scale war wasn’t feasible for them. So they actually tried to ‘outsource’ the war. And all those media campaigns, reports, documentaries was all part as advertisement for the outsourcing of the war against the emerging islamist threat. you should not be surprised by the alleged attacks of ISIS  in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, France, Germany etc etc.

Muslim nation among the anti-ISIS alliance

Although Saudi Arabia was patronizing jabatul nusra in Syria and al qaeda in world, they should not mind the emergence of another islamist militant group in mid east. We know Al qaeda has been serving the interests of Saudi Arabia because saudia Arabia has been providing them required support. We can say al qaeda was under control islamist movement but ISIS is like the horse who was impossible to be brought into reins. It can paddle the Saudi too. Sauds who couldn’t risk the survival of democratic islamist   movement of muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which wasn’t as harmful as ISIS is to be. Same is case with Pakistan. Pakistan support the liberation of Kashmir through diplomatic channels or armed struggles like hizbul mujhideen and lashkar toiba. Irony is they want the islam to be separated from the Kashmir issue but are using and invoking islam through LeT and HM. You should not get surprised about the recent dissociation of United jihad council from the local militants over the issue of using Pakistani flags in funerals, because it is not serving the interests of Pakistan. HM and LeT have the moral obligation towards the official policy of pakistan for Kashmir, like alqaeda has for Saudi. The satanification of Taliban by pakistan is same as satanification of ISIS by west. Pakistan helped in creation of Taliban but they might have never even thought of it turning its head towards pakistan too. Pakistan doesn’t want to abandon the brand it had created so they tried to play the game by saying afghan Taliban and TTP. Which was later summed as good Taliban and bad Taliban. Taliban was Taliban, and there were good till they were fighting against Russia and defended pakistan against Russian Invasion. Islam was good upto the afghan borders but it will be called bad if it is going to eye Waziristan and beyond upto Lahore. Mullah umer is mujahid because he is asking to establish khilafah in Afghanistan but mullah fazlullah is bad if he asks same for pakistan. Americans must have been inspired from the ISPR of pakistan, the only force in world who composes songs like “MUJE DUSHMAN KEY BACCHUN KO PADHANA HAI” . the case of ISIS and TTP is somewhat same in nature. Turkey is thought to be sympathizer of ISIS because they have common problem of liberal armed kurds. Turkey might be researching on the models of Taliban and others  regarding its future with ISIS

The terror of ISIS.

I google’d the Terror of ISIS, got innumerous results. I picked up my favorite and top in list WIKIPEDIA.  While searching for exact no of killings, there was no specific record. It stated that UN and amnesty and others have banned ISIS and called it terror outfit and but no exact numbers ( remember UN has also listed Professor hafiz sayeed as terrorist and JUD as terror outfit, on Indian and American pursue, but the biggest charity FIF in pakistan is run by that very terrorist, plus the non muslims in pakistan love him more than any one, for his efforts towards them selflessly). You must open Wikipedia and you will see ‘ OH ITS SUCH A BIG TERROR OUTFIT AND BRUTAL AND ALL OTHER THINGS IT DOES IS SO BAD AND TERROR AND TERROR AND TERROR AND TERROR”  but no solid number or any solid incident except few. There is a strange thing in the glossary and reference of that Wikipedia page that none of the contributor is muslim , although ISIS is regarding muslims but its BBC,CNN,REUTERS, RT ,F24 ,FOX, Pamela gessler and other books of jihadism and islamistation by some islamophobes. If you believe them regarding their opinion about ISIS, then you must also believe their other things about islam , prophet muhammad (saw) , quran and muslims . there was a documentary of BBC about ISIS, in which they were asking an alleged escapee women from IS territory regarding the local people who support them. She replied in Arabic but translator in English translated it like that they are bribing the people particularly women. If a woman has lost husband and has children to bring up, they give her money for bringing up her children and she needs not to work. The more children she has the responsibility on her the more she gets. While as some economist specialized on terror outfits was asked about ISIS revenue. The oxford analyst simply calls their revenue collection as extortion. He said they extort the money from the businessmen and other establishments to which I though its actually what india is doing in Kashmir. Why don’t people here start to call it extortion rather than tax. If they are controlling the area they should have the right to collect the tax rather than extortion. There were another news of sex jihad in media and on tracing it the roots of that news were in iran. Although its permissible to enslave the women of your enemies as war bounties but I think its unethical in todays world. I cant deny or defy it but I think that should have been avoided. ISIS has another terror activity in their list and that’s damaging the archaeological sites plymra city. Well people didn’t objected when Taliban blasted the 50 feet Buddha statue in Afghanistan. And then people should condemn prophet Muhammad (saw) ( MAAZALLAH SUMA MAAZALLAH) for destroying the historical site of kabba by breaking the 360 idols kept in Kabba, who were also hundreds of years old. The causalities by ISIS is still lower than the annual average of AMERICA. There has been no single year since last 350 years in which America hasn’t been in war, killing millions. If killing thousands makes ISIS a deadly terror outfit then what about the Europeans and americans who killed about million in just 30 years of two world wars. There is another allegation on ISIS being the topper of Barbarism. While as I think its bad to discredit the real toppers. if beheading few hundred is barbarism, then what about the anal feeding at gitmo bay, gassing to death in gas chambers, killing the children by chemical attack, vaporizing  the millions instantly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what about roasting the people alive by MOAB in Afghanistan.

Are ISIS, the Khawarji or Pigs of Hell or Wahabi or any other names ?       

We see a lot of muslim scholars calling them with the dangerous names and it looks as if they are worse and dangerous than Jews, Zionists, hindutuva, illuminati and others. While as if these scholars are being asked about the basis of their decree, they say they kill people without justifications. okay agreed, but what about shia militia genocides in iran, Iraq, Syria. What about Saudi Arabia killing the children in yemen and forcing them for starvation, indian muslim ulemas didn’t  even say a word against the genocide by india in Kashmir. No one cried fatwas, when the people of muslim brotherhood were killed inside a mosque for protesting against coup by military.  General musharaff killed the hundreds of girls studying in the jamia hafsa , during lal masjid operation. General kayani carried out the air raid on bajwada madrassa killing almost 80 kids studying in the seminary. I think all these acts need fatwas like ISIS has upon them. Its common malpractice among muslims that if you cant withstand the argument , you will call people to be wahabi, salafi, jamati, ikhwani, deobandi, baralivi, biddati, khawarji and all other names. Remember there had been fatwas against Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (ra) too by muslim scholars of his time. And there is also a hadith that many people among muslims would refute and refuse Imam Mehdi (AS) .


Do they have any branches?

I have seen aids in newspaper about some famous shops, with a big heading at end “WE HAVE NO OTHER BRANCH”. Why do they say so? Because lots of other opportunists use their name for their sub standard products. There are two results of that fake brand, first the fakers make the successful business on the genuine brand name and second is real ones suffer business losses due to product complaints of fakers. Being the citizen of Kashmir, who survived the failed armed struggle of 90’s should not get surprised on seeing the branches of ISIS in Europe, America, Libya, Pakistan,afghansitan, india, Bangladesh etc etc. there was a group named IKHWANOOL MUSLIMEEN in Kashmir, which had nothing to do with  ikhwaan of middle east, murdered and massacred thousands of Kashmiri muslims on behest of indian establishment. It was ikhwaan of india, so is ISIS of america or others. When ISIS hasn’t yet consolidated their boundaries in Islamic state, then  why would they unnecessarily expand their influence to other parts. People across the world are travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS as reinforcement but somebody on the name of ISIS is fighting Taliban in agfhanistan. Both are supposed to fight for islam and Taliban has almost covered whole of Afghanistan, then who are these fighting the islamists on the name of jihaad. They can’t be the ISIS. Actually it’s a strategy of filtering the possible threats and neutralizing it before it acts as reinforcement. Islamists across world are eager to travel to Syria and Iraq, and the counter ISIS agencies opened the fake ISIS information desks and people are nabbed down and neutralized before they can go further. The recent episode of the Pakistani girl is the example of such traps. The other purpose of these fake ISIS agencies is so serve the anti Islamic propaganda. Its same like making the movies and influence the thinking of people. “ LOOK HOW BRUTAL ISIS IS”


Conspiracy theories:

If ISIS is American and Israeli creation, why are they bombing them in Iraq and Syria. Russians and irani accuse ISIS to be creation of mossad , CIA, MI7, and TURKS while as America accuse Saudi and its Wahabism. Indians have the same old gas problem of ISI and Dawood Ibrahim. Now their latest trend is Zakir Naik.  While as none of the above have any proof. People ask why hasn’t ISIS attacked Israel yet. I am even surprised why haven’t they attacked them yet. When they can travel to England, france , Denmark, Norway and Afghanistan why not Israel. Although Israel is the only name which can give them the fame. the thing is neither Saudi Arabia, nor Qatar, nor Egypt or Assad has ever attacked Israel. Jordan and turkey has deals with Israel. The fact is that in between the Israel and Islamic state, there is the Syria controlled by assad, backed by Russia and iran and other world powers. Russia was never favouring the iran or ASSAD but it has been serving the security interests of Israel. You should remember there is a hadith that Dajjal will have two big armies from two cities of khorasan, and the two present cities are in iran. There is another fact that if ISIS cant travel to Israel, a desert apart then how can they travel to Europe , where your whole body is being x rayed before immigration. They don’t allow you without the proper medical check up, but let you carry the IED’s to do bomb blasts. As I maintained in start that america needs the partners in war and terror activities on the name of ISIS is just to pursue them to be part of war against ISIS. Its unlike in Asian democracies, western democracies need the mandate of people for such decisions. And they know how to do it like a cunning person “ LOOK HE HAS PUNCHED YOUR KID, YOU MUST ATLEAST PUNCH HIM, SO THAT HE WONT DO IT AGAIN WITH ANYBODY” .


ISIS isn’t like the DEMON which the west is trying to portray. They can be the TERRORISTS backed by WEST, who just trying us to keep away from the real army of MEHDI (because they know islam more than us) or they can be the real army of MEHDI. But they  certainly aren’t those  what the media tells you. I am not any sympathizer of ISIS because I don’t know the truth about them but I cant refute them just because some jews and christains with ill intentions are telling me all that. People are trying to make the big idol of them so that they can be easily spotted and crucified. They are just normal islamist miltant group but with some real motives. To know them, what they are actually, we need to seek knowledge of islam first. A jew will never teach you good about islam.



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