what is life?

What is life actually?
• Life is like an exam
• your deeds are the steps, good deeds count positive marks ,wrong deeds carry negative marks
• World is examination center
• Quran is syllabus, key and data book
• atheists are like the rowdy kids,who are not interested in exam, so they making noise and at the end of exam they cry for unattempting.
• non-Muslims are the ones who used wrong syllabus and non-prescribed books
• Liberal Muslims are the ones who try to cheat, by trying to copy same question from different sources
• Sectarians and extremists are the ones who had the right syllabus, worked hard but still failed, because they used the wrong rules and methods and their overconfidence failed them.
• Everyone gave his/her consent for exam at Alami arwaa, by saying “qalau bala”
• Only exam ever where the examiner wants every examinee to pass the exam
• Only exam where examiner sent the helpers to help us in exams, but poor fellows rejected them
• The evaluation of your answer script will be done in front of you
• Only exam where examiner wants you to consult the data book in every step of questions so as to secure positive marks
• Question paper comprises question from society, family, economics, politics,and every sphere of life
• Hadiths are the notes from the best tutor of the universe, you cant pass without using them. The methods are the one needed in exam, so as to pass exam
• Cunning people like Ghamadhi, wahidudin khan, abu fazal, hakeem noorudin, do mislead you about the method of using the data book and notes and confuse you. The people who do get confuse obviously fail in exam.
• Only exam where the good and brilliant students are allowed to help their poor mates and they are rewarded plus points for helping them
• And bumper question, small but carries much weightage, even can give you pass marks. “tawbatun nashuhaa”
• Every candidate has two invigilators, to keep watch on
• But there is no fixed time of examination, it can end anytime, the only thing to worry about
• The momioneen are like the toppers, the ones who are quite confident , humble and know the importance of exam. That’s how they end into toppers.
So dear brothers and sisters. Time is precious, stop wasting it and start scoring marks.


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