9th april 2017, a day of resonance

9th April 2017, a day in my life
It all started with a usual pleasant morning of spring in Kashmir. After offering fajar prayer ,I jumped back in my quilt, with some drowsiness , a vibration sound of my mobile brought me back to senses and I received the call from my friend of my locality, informing me of heavy police and security forces presences in our village. He asked me to come out. I knew that it is poll day and it would be the polling security, while as heading towards bathroom, I spotted an armoured bullet proof vehicle outside on the road through window, being parked and the heavily guarded police and crpf men with batons ,canes, shields, guns, pellet guns and much more. So that way I started to watch them keenly. Suddenly after a brief meet they dispersed with a loud shout and began to make noise, a young man who was intended towards KAANDUR WAAN (baker shop) to fetch bread for morning noon chai, was chased and caned by policemen, without provocation. In the mean time a group of boys came out chanting and sloganeering AZAADI, and that was the first ball of match, which police started with a bad note. They were chased away swiftly and security forces were now smashing the tin sheet made temporary walls, with the abuses . I felt disgusting listening to all of them, as I was just few feet away from them listening to all of them from my room. And I found that it was jkp abusing much more than CRPF, and that too in local Kashmiri language. They were so dirty and disgusting as if they had been watching some dirty porn all the night and were shouting all that crap loudly. I feel disgusting even to recall it in my memories. I felt so humiliating because my sisters and mother might have been listening to those abuses too. It was all provocation and everybody isn’t coward (or patient ) like me ( which I don’t know what I am). Lots of young guys came out pelting stones on them and hence it all started like that. It was a continuous and without break session till 1 pm until the forces gave up and wrapped up the polling process as they were now out of ammunition too. In the mean course the para troopers of indian army were called to make fear and havoc among the people around. Although they were able to comprehend a couple of young guys. Those young guys were released after four days and are still going through orthopedic tests as they are complaining pain from different parts of body. when all this ended , I came back to senses and began to introspect the whole day. I was surprised at the Kashmir police, how they were abusing so vulgar. Lateron I realized that they have been doing so, they gangraped and murdered the shopain sisters in 2009, the dsp of handwara had raped a girl, gave electric shocks on her private parts. Indian army had been doing it long way back since 1947, from jammu massacre , to kunan poshpora and all those 30000 rapes. So I took those abuses as part of their duty. Moving to another part the NC and the PDP goons were ready to vote but some young men who had been patrolling all night on streets, overpowered all their might and desires. The credit of success of this lowest voter turn out doesn’t go to hurriyat, or militants or any other creed. The real credit goes to those young but politically mature men who laid their life in recent unrests and are still coming out despite knowing that india will target them on head or neck. I sensed a great revolution ahead, when the greedy and pimps were looking over their balconies on the streets, watching helplessly and praying GOD that crpf and JKP to overpower the unarmed lashkar of youngmen , so as they could move out and cast their vote for ROTI , KAPDA and MAKAAN. Although they mean the roti only for them, snatch the kapda(cloth) from the poor and a big bunglow for them on the cost of blood of kashmiris. This young and raw army needs a direction and a director. We need to look forward for that. The best direction is quran and best director is ALLAH. Hurriyat should shud this gameplay of nationalism politics and should play a positive role in Islamism of this young force. Otherwise that very LASHKAR will annihilate their importance.


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