the demon of democracy


I will not dig deep into the history of democracy, its birth its father and its mother, its birth place and its language. What I am able to understand from the word democracy is that people should be free to make their rules , laws and legislations. That’s the real meaning “ LAW BY THE PEOPLE ,FOR THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE “ which people are able to understand and this theology got born in western countries when people were so sick and tired of tranny and atrocities of monarchy that they decided to change the conventions of governance. Usually a monarch would rule the land and monarchy was backed by the church and the source of legislation was BIBLE. People took BIBLE as word of GOD, which it was by the morphed one. The church and monarchs had made so many amendments in bible that it ceased to be the pure word of GOD. That was the reason which led to tranny . Anyways people were introduced to a new way of governance which debunked the religious authority over government and that was not much more different from monarchy except from religion to atheism. Like the monarchy had church to defend the law and rule, similarly democracy occupied minds. They created so much confusion regarding the other isms that people got numb and were not ready to consider other isms as a way of life.
Now let’s try to introspect the real democracy. Does it stand for its definitions? Is really it the rule of majority? Should the majority be only authority? The ideals of democracy say “ITS BY THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE” . india is being considered as the worlds largest democracy and the idea of democracy is quite strange there.
1, equal vote and vote for all above 18 years:
• india has still 40% illiterate population, which means that they cant read ,write any language, but still the manifesto is being printed and written on papers
• a person doing some low class job and a university professor has got each and equal vote , that means if the drug addicts outnumber the other people then the government will be of drug addicts. Bill Clinton once said by 2022, the bastards( people born without wed lock) will surpass the 51% population of America and America will be literally ruled by bastards.

2, strange mathematics for calculating majority,
Suppose a constituency has got one million registered voters , a maximum of 80% percent do cast their voters that means 800,000 people participated in elections. Now there are almost 10 candidates sharing the votes let the top three share 500,000 and rest shared the remaining 300,000. Among the toppers let the first runner get 160,000 and second runner gets 140,000 and that means the winner has 200,000. And people declare it like that the winner has defeated the runner by 40,000 votes. 200,000 people choose one person to decide on behalf of one million. That means consolidated 20% makes the authority not the majority that makes authority. BJP has got two third majority in indian parliament and are ruling india of 1.3 billion souls. But the actual vote share they got is less than 35 % . that means 455 million are ruling over 845 million.
3, lying and cheating isn’t crime
A person doing the business of milk production and has no knowledge about economics and administration, wants to contest elections and the only eligibility he has got is “money”. He is supposed to release a document called MANISFESTO, which is a book of promises that he is going to fulfill , if elected. What can you promise? The answer is, there is no limit. Is there anyone to check the feasibility of your promises ? . answer is no . so a person promises that if elected to power, he will give every one, a plot and flat on mars. Masses are usually brainless , they never check the feasibility and don’t know that if mangalyaan has arrived to mars yet or not. A person promises free water and food. But how? No body knows . and when the same person assumes power, he doubles the tax on both.

4, corruption
Corruption is one of the common problem in democracy and other ideologies like monarchy or dictatorship. But the corruption touches its extremes in democracy. Because the persons governing the legislation, often fell apart on decisions regarding it. We have witnessed that the people choosing the democracy as career are often rich. People need loads of cash to run the campaign for poor and poverty has made them wicked in this particular case. They bargain with the democrats for petty issues like back door jobs, other facilities. While as rich get the right to legislation, and it is often seen that the politics in democracy makes the politicians increase their assets in many folds. Recently the government of jammu and Kashmir appointed the party workers as the chairmen and vice chairmen in its various undertaking corporations , without qualifying for the merit. You need to keep every single party worker satisfied as per his demands.


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